Gabi was amazing at my son’s birth! She always had encouraging things to say and coached me the whole way. She even gave my husband a few breaks with a coffee run and letting me squeeze her hand! Overall looking forward to my next child in hopes that she will be the one to be my midwife!
— Z.R.
Gabi was the midwife at my birth. I loved how quiet and calm she made me feel calm, and helped me relax. She was so encouraging when I was going through contractions, and just all around made me feel well-cared for and helped me realize how strong I was. She was an important member of my birth support team!
— J.D.
Gabi was in attendance during my labor. She was a great source of strength for me. I remember her encouraging face and words. She was a comfort to me.
— B.H.
Gabi is AMAZING!! She was with me basicly the whole time I was in labor. Cracking jokes with me and just having a great time. Every time I spoke to her it was like talking to an old friend. She is and will be an amazing midwife!!
— C.K.
Gabi was a blessing at my daughter’s birth! Erin was her 100th baby and her first that she caught on her own. I had a very speedy first birth. We love Gabi!
— A.C.
Gabi’s bright spirit has shown through at the appointments I’ve had with her! Her upbeat attitude was a joy to be around and it is clear she has a real heart for women and their babies!
— J.F.
Had our daughter in October 2015 and Gabi was so encouraging and upbeat that I could only really feel great about the hard work I was doing. She has an infectious smile and a very positive empathetic energy.
— K.K.